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Recent Posts

by Icefanatic
Bumping for update.

I've completed the Old Man Logan section and set the stage for the Iceman portion.

Whew, putting this together is work! :D
by neko
Photobucket wants money. I was out of "space" because of how invasive it was with my computer and images. Anyway, I found it more difficult to use than necessary and my lack of use or even looking at it was next to nil. No need for it. They wanted $7.99 monthly for over 25G. No, I don't need those images anymore. With the suggested stuff here which is free and Google. I'm thinking its lost its usefulness for me.

Back to Gambit. I looked up Eion Macken, yeah, I remember thinking he'd make a good Gambit but like you said, age isn't on his side. I think going younger would benefit the studio better, thus a 3 movie deal or whatnot. There was another guy from someone's suggestion at that evil place but its probably in the closed thread and I can't care to look it up. LOL

I have a couple of takers for the art at Gambit Guild. Hopefully, that will work out. It's not that important but something I wanted. :)
by Icefanatic
neko Avatar
Gambit to be rebooted in MCU without Tatum

I enjoyed Channings enthusiam and the project isn't dead, at least its still being considered.

Tatum was getting too old for the part, imo. Harris Dickinson looks alright, not my Gambit but I don't think there is any actor who could be. Is what it is. LOL

I did like and respect Channing's enthusiasm. He kept hope and interest alive.

I actually thought Eoin Macken was perfect for Gambit from the first time I saw him on Merlin. He later stared in a TV show called The Night Shift and there's a scene at the start of the first episode where he rides in on a motorcycle and you can literally just pretend he IS Gambit. I know he was a name you tossed out as good to play him at one point as well. But again, same thing, he's only three years younger than Channing. Might be fine for a film or three, but not the extended stuff Marvel is currently doing.

Harris Dickinson. Not familiar. He's 23. I wouldn't go younger than late-twenties for gambit, but we are probably years away from a final casting and them filming anything. Good that they have people they are thinking of for it this far out.

Also - photobucket recently changed their terms of service for free accounts. I no longer need or want to use them anyway, so all my stuff I've posted over the years is gone from the net. All still on my hard-drive. Is what it is. I might fix the thread but not today.

It means all my previously posted images are gone now. Blank photo or images. It's nothing. I might fix it with the other source I'm using, I might not. It won't be right away.

I'm in the same boat with Photobucket. First they totally replaced the linked pics with a card about Photobucket and bandwith, then they brought them back, then they added a huge watermark, and now they are both watermarked and completely blurred out.

I redid the intro post in the Iceman Appreciation thread here with images I hosted somewhere else, but everything else I have ever posted with them is still just broken. I may re-host and then fix some of the other stuff I've posted here, but anything anywhere else is just going to have to stay the way it is.

Hey, do we have an artist here? Someone who would draw something for me? If not, okay. :)

I wish I could draw. Tweaking existing images is currently the limit of my abilities. Sorry. :P

by neko
Gambit to be rebooted in MCU without Tatum

I enjoyed Channings enthusiam and the project isn't dead, at least its still being considered.

Tatum was getting too old for the part, imo. Harris Dickinson looks alright, not my Gambit but I don't think there is any actor who could be. Is what it is. LOL

Also - photobucket recently changed their terms of service for free accounts. I no longer need or want to use them anyway, so all my stuff I've posted over the years is gone from the net. All still on my hard-drive. Is what it is. I might fix the thread but not today.

It means all my previously posted images are gone now. Blank photo or images. It's nothing. I might fix it with the other source I'm using, I might not. It won't be right away.

Hey, do we have an artist here? Someone who would draw something for me? If not, okay. :)
by Icefanatic
I know it's late, I wasn't sure I would keep posting previews to stuff I'm not really planning on reading and I don't know if anyone else is.

Against my better judgement, I DID end up reading the issue. I found it mostly boring/off-putting. As I have said, I do NOT like these twisted versions of the characters, so I don't much care about or enjoy anything regarding them.

I did find a couple of panels interesting...

A child born out of time. Wild Gods lose in the world. I'm also getting a strong 'Black Swan' vibe.

Maybe we won't have to wait three years for Hickman to get somewhere after all?
by Icefanatic
X-MEN #1
Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Leinil Francis Yu
Cover by: Leinil Francis Yu
Release Date: Oct 16, 2019

The X-Men find themselves in a whole new world of possibility... and things have never been better! Jonathan Hickman (HOUSE OF X, POWERS OF X, SECRET WARS) and superstar artist Leinil Yu (NEW AVENGERS, CAPTAIN AMERICA) reveal the saga of Cyclops and his hand-picked squad of mutant powerhouses!
by Icefanatic
From CBR...

2019 Top Marvel Characters 40-36 by Brian Cronin

After nearly 1,100 ballots were cast, YOU the reader ranked your favorite comic book characters from 1-10. I assigned point totals to each ranking and then tabulated it all into a Top 50 list. We're revealing that list throughout the rest of the month. The countdown continues now...

In the past, I've typically done sort of "biographies" for each of the characters on the list, but you know what, they're on the Top 100 DC and Marvel characters list, I think we should be working under the assumption that you all pretty much know the basic information about these characters. Instead, I'll just write about whatever interests me about the character in question, including some comic book pages featuring the character.

40. Iceman - 351 points (7 first place votes)

Iceman was a founding member of the X-Men. The youngest member of the team, Iceman had the second-lamest origin of the original six, as he froze a bully and everyone got mad at him until the X-Men showed up and well, that was about it. Iceman was the joker on the team, but behind the laughs, he had problems dealing with his sexuality. Since the other three guys on the team all fawned over Jean Grey (heck, so did their teacher), Bobby faked interest, as well.

That was the story for most of Bobby's life - feigned interest in other ladies that never seemed to go anywhere. Lorna Dane, the X-Man known as Polaris, was one of the first examples of this phenomena. Meanwhile, the only long-lasting relationships he had were his platonic friendships with two of the guys on the original X-Men, Beast and Angel.

After the All-New, All-Different X-Men joined up, Iceman could not hide his hatred of Native Americans and/or Irish people, so he left the team. Ultimately, with Angel he joined a new team, the Champions. The Champions were so incompetent that they made the New Mutants seem almost capable by comparison (and seeing as how the greatest success in the history of the New Mutants was getting Doug Ramsey shot, that is saying a lot). While on the Champions, Bobby developed his second major fake relationship with the Russian mutant Darkstar.

After the Champions broke up, Bobby joined up with Angel again, this time in a Beast-led team of Defenders. Since the previous sentence contained the phrase "Beast-led," you know that was not going to work out. Bobby then joined back up with his old friends in X-Factor. Seriously, what does Bobby Drake do but wait by the phone for one of his old friends to call him and ask him to join a team? Has he done a spontaneous act in his life? Man, he was SO repressed! I mean, that makes sense and all, but still!

Bobby's tenure on X-Factor was practically the definition of "humdrum," with the exception of his powers growing stronger and stronger. This has been something that has continued for years and years as a plot point without ever actually going away. To wit, if I quoted a comic as saying, "Bobby does not understand just how powerful he is," and then asked you what year the comic came out, you would not be able to guess. Heck, if I asked you what DECADE, you would not be able to guess - because it has been a plot point every other year for OVER THREW DECADES!!! For over 30 years we have had to hear how Bobby doesn't realize just how powerful he is. You would think that just by virtue of everyone telling him this for two decades, he would catch on. However, there goes that repression thing again.

One somewhat notable aspect of his X-Factor run was his next failed relationship, with Opal Tanaka, who was, of course, tied to the Yakuza (a little known fact - in the Marvel Universe, every Asian person has ties to the Yakuza. Weird, right?).

Once X-Factor merged with the X-Men to form a new X-Men team, Bobby was placed on the B-team, and faded to the background for years. He had two notable storylines during this period - Emma Frost took possession of his body for awhile (guess what she told him? Yep, you guessed it - he was more powerful than he even knew!) and he also dealt with his dad getting sick. He left the team to be with his dad.

He came back in a cool storyline called Zero Tolerance where he was actually halfway competent, but as soon as it ended, he went away again. He next popped up as a member of a NEW B-team, Angel, Wolverine, him and Nightcrawler. It was like the time that the Avengers consisted of Black Widow, Hercules, Quicksilver, Crystal, Deathcry and Vision. A real "for serious? That's your team?" team.

After that, he just stood around in the periphery for awhile (he is good at that) before seemingly losing his powers during M-Day. But no, he did not actually lose his powers, he just repressed them!! HELLO, PEOPLE!! Do you need for us to write you a map? The guy has repression issues!!! Once he got his powers back, he was chosen specially by Rogue for her team of "People Cyclops has no other use for." While on that team, he developed a relationship with Mystique.

Finally, after a younger version of himself was brought to the present, Iceman came to terms with his sexuality and got past all of that repression...

Now finally open with his sexuality, Iceman has been the happiest that he has been in years.

Shame they got Brian Cronin to write the copy, he openly hates Iceman and never passes up a chance to denigrate him. I can't stand Brian Cronin. >:(
by Icefanatic
So, a new Wolverine ongoing was announced at NYCC...

The Dawn of X panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday focused on the shape of things to come for Marvel Entertainment’s X-Men comic book franchise, including the announcement of a new series for a very familiar face, with Wolverine getting his first solo ongoing series since 2014.

The new Wolverine series, to be written by Benjamin Percy with art by Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic, will accompany the series announced this summer at San Diego Comic-Con as part of the first wave of Dawn of X launches.

More at the link

And now...X-Corp.

I would totally be getting the Wolverine book with Adam Kubert on art if it wasn't part of 'Dawn of X'. I don't like these distorted versions of the characters and I don't want to read this storyline for THREE years across now eight confirmed monthly titles.

One of the cool things about Age of Apocalypse was we got enough to enjoy it for a few months and then got back to reality. Three years of this? :(
by Icefanatic

Just happened live on Fox at the end of Shep's show.

I hate to say it, but I actually applauded. I use to be a fan of his, but I have watched his Trump-hate negatively impact his news reporting more and more in the past couple of years, probably hitting the breaking point when Trump went to Iraq to visit the troops back during Christmas.

Trump told the troops that "before I got here, you hadn't had a raise in ten years, and I got you one", he said it was a ten percent raise. CNN and MSNBC seized on that, calling Trump a liar, pointing out that they had been getting about 1% increases every year for several years(basically to keep up with wages and inflation increases, not much of a real 'raise', prior to that they had been getting 3%-4% a year) and that they had gotten larger, about 2.5% increases the past couple of years. That Trump had not just secured them a ten percent raise before landing in Iraq. Shep at Fox was making the very same comments, I literally lost count of how many times he said "The President is a liar", and assorted variations, when reporting the news and leading discussions with opinion guests.

There's just one problem... Trump routinely says 'before I got here' to refer to before he took office as President. Anyone who has covered much of Trump's speeches would surely know that... including all those journalists falling all over themselves to willfully, if not deliberately, misunderstand what he was saying. After taking office, Trump did get them a 10% raise, the first 'real' raise they had had in almost ten years(it was 8), to be phased in over four years. The increase in pay the last couple of years that reporters were citing, including Shep, as PROOF the resident was MASSIVELY lying were part of that.

You also had Shep and others opining that Trump must have decided to go to Iraq at the last minute to distract from negative press he was getting(over the government shutdown) despite the fact that Trump had said a month earlier back at Thanksgiving on Fox when asked about the possibility of him visiting the Troops that they were working out the details and it would be happening 'soon'. It was later revealed that it had been in the planning for about six weeks prior to him going.

It doesn't do much good to have 'fair and balanced' opinion journalism when your news coverage is at times almost as biased and consequently inaccurate as CNN and MSNBC.

by Icefanatic
I read it. :|

I found it a little disappointing. I was expecting something more revelatory for the last issue. I think it is really enjoyable as an Elseworlds/What If? sort of tale. I guess it serves well enough as the setup for the 6 series that will be spinning out of it, none of which I plan to read.

My take. The Marvel Universe, it's timeline, it's realty, has been broken for the last several years of published comics. This breaks it even more. Things are wrong and will only get more-so. We will spend the next three years(according to Hickman) on Dawn of X\Rise of X\War of X\Fall of X(Yes I'm guessing names of the future arcs)... Before setting things back to right, or probably stating another multi-year story-arc to start to set things back to right.

I might feel different if we had been getting quality traditional X-Men fair the last several years and I was in the mood for something a bit different, even then three years of nothing but this would be a stretch, but we have instead been given mostly crap for years in the lead up to this. I feel like I have spent years missing eating steak or a really good hamburger while instead being fed rancid slop, and I thought this HoXPoX would get things back what I want to consume and instead am being offered at least three years of veggies or sushi instead. Pass.

If I am still alive, still able to buy and read comics, and Marvel is still somehow publishing them nearly a decade hence... maybe I'll get the real X-Men I knew and loved back again.

I'm not holding my breath or wasting time and money waiting for that to happen...